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Endodontic Post-Surgical Instructions

Post-Surgical Instructions

Post-Treatment Instructions

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MEDICATION - the medication prescribed for you will control the post-surgery discomfort. Take it exactly as directed on the label and DO NOT EXCEED THE DOSAGE LISTED. Drinking milk or eating some food before taking the medication will minimize any nausea. DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICATION OR OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE OR ANY MACHINERY.


SWELLING - it is common for some swelling to occur following endodontic surgery. This swelling usually is the greatest upon awakening from sleep on the morning following the day of surgery. If swelling increases after the first day, especially if accompanied by fever and pain, contact our office immediately.


ICE PACKS - to minimize swelling, apply ice packs over the surgery area. Cover the area for 10 minutes, then remove for 10 minutes, repeating this cycle for at least six hours after the surgery. Do not use ice packs after the first 24 hours.


BLEEDING - there should be no heavy bleeding following the surgery. It is normal for some oozing to occur for several hours following the surgery which will cause the saliva to have a pink tinge.


ACTIVITY - reduce activity as much as possible the first two days following surgery. REST!


SMOKING - you are advised not to smoke during the first 24 hours after surgery.


EATING - eat soft, nutritious foods and drink plenty of liquids i.e. Juices, milkshakes, and water. DO NOT DRINK THROUGH A STRAW FOR 48 HOURS FOLLOWING SURGERY.


ORAL HYGIENE - DO NOT brush the surgical area on the day of the surgery but DO brush all other areas in your usual manner. After the first 24 hours, begin warm salt water rinses every 3 to 4 hours and continue these rinses for 1 week. On the day following surgery, you may begin gently brushing the teeth in the surgical area.


SUTURES - most sutures will dissolve on their own, after 3-5 days. Occasionally special sutures may be used that require us to remove them after 3-5 days of healing. You will be notified at the completion of your surgery if you need to return to our office for a suture removal appointment.


PROBLEMS - if you have any questions or think that the post-treatment progress is not proceeding properly, please contact our office at 318.255.3636. If you need to contact us after normal working hours, our answering service will provide a forwarding number for you. We will address your concerns as quickly as possible.