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What technologies do we use?


Computerized Digital Radiography (X-Rays):

This is a non-film digital system that produces images within a few seconds on a computer monitor. Radiation exposure levels are up to 90 percent less than film based systems.





Dental Operating Microscope:

In addition to digital radiography, we use a surgical procedurescope specifically designed for use in dentistry. Magnification and hi-intensity xenon fiber optic illumination are helpful in aiding Dr. Farrar to see intricate details inside your tooth, take pictures, and record video.




Apex Locator

Electronic Apex Locator:

We use an instrument called an Electronic Apex Locator to aid us in determining the length of the tooth that we are treating. This information helps us to properly clean and seal the canals and potentially reduce the number of x-rays (radiographs) required for treatment.





Ultrasonic Instrument:

This instrument is used to selectively remove tooth structure and obstructions such as silver points, posts, and carrier-based fillings from inside the root canal. This along with the microscope allows us to non-surgically retreat many teeth that would have previously been extracted.




Nickel Titanium

Nickel-Titatanium Instrumentation:

These instruments are used to clean and shape the inside of your root canal. They are extremely flexible and conform to the natural curvature of the root canal, decreasing the amount of tooth structure that is removed. They also act as an auger, pulling the bacteria and contaminated debris out of the tooth, which decreases postoperative sensitive. Nickel-Titanium instruments have additionally increased the efficiency of endodontic therapy, with most treatment being completed in an hour or less.